A Match Made in Heaven

Posted on May 29, 2016

With the highly anticipated patio season in full swing, you’ll find the majority of Canadians taking advantage of the sunshine with a nice meal and a perfectly paired beverage. There is no question that pairing a beverage with your chosen menu item makes a difference in your dining experience, but how much of a difference does it actually make?

When you begin to eat a meal, notes of saltiness, bitterness, sweetness and sourness are picked up by your taste buds as the food makes contact with your tongue. Particles then accumulate and begin to travel through the nasal passage located in the soft palate, leading to the nasal cavity, where they begin to stimulate your sensory organs. This leads to the simultaneous stimulation of taste sensations and odour sensations, with the combination of both sensations allowing a person to experience flavour.

With a beverage specifically chosen to compliment the meal, all areas of the taste buds will be stimulated. This allows for the flavour to develop fully within the mouth and nasal cavity, leading to a much more enjoyable dining experience.

When speaking of food pairings, it is usually assumed that the beverage would be a carefully selected glass of wine. However, the past few years have seen a massive incline in interest and excitement surrounding craft brewing and new beer styles. Beer has now taken on wine as a worthy competitor in food pairings.The possibilities for local breweries and restaurants to collaborate and create a perfectly crafted meal are endless. 

We have not hesitated to take advantage of this opportunity. With a wide selection of carefully crafted beers, we have partnered with six local restaurants in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. We have asked each of them to create a dish to pair with one of our beers. Each dish created by the restaurants will be featured on their menu for the span of a week. It will be available to customers to enjoy alongside a specific Innocente beer. To view Innocente’s selection of master-craft brews, visit http://www.innocente.ca/beer . As well, subscribe to the Innocente Brewing Company YouTube channel to follow this series and see what is on the menu. (link is at the bottom).

As the craft beer revolution continues, new aromas are being produced.  Foodies and beer connoisseurs alike can look forward to endless pairings with a seamless blend of flavours. More excuses to enjoy a masterfully crafted brew - now that is something we can all drink to.


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