Innocente Bystander Craft Beer
American Pale Ale


You won’t be a bystander for long once you’re intoxicated by the aroma of grapefruit and strawberry. Brewed with Australian Galaxy hops and German malts for a big hop flavour of citrus and passion fruit with a sweet malt undertone. It will bedevil you.

ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 50.0
Appearance: Amber with thick white head
Food Pairings: Moderate hard cheeses, fried fish tacos, Thai/Vietnamese, spicy BBQ, Roti, grilled fruits
Availability: By-the-glass, 500 ml, growler fill, keg and sometimes in cask

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Innocente Fling Craft Beer
English-style Pale Ale/Golden Ale


A daring trans-Atlantic infusion of UK Challenger and US Mt Hood hops combines near reckless flavour abandon of candy and wood with floral and spicy undertones. Enticing aromas of grapefruit and orange sherbet will leave you asking for more.

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 32.6
Appearance: Golden with thick white head
Food Pairings: Moroccan foods including couscous, falafel/shawarma, ripe cheeses (Oka, Etorki, etc.)
Availability: By-the-glass, 500 ml, growler fill, keg and sometimes in cask

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Innocente Conscience Craft Beer
American IPA


This scandalous mix of Australian Galaxy and Ella hops produces a heavy-duty, late-hopped ale with notes of citrus, mango, and melon, bathed in hints of pine, and bubble gum undertones. Not meant for the faint of heart; a long and intensely bitter experience.

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 80.2
Appearance: Amber with thick white head
Food Pairings: Sharp cheeses (cheddar, aged gouda, blue), fried chicken, Indian curries, Mexican burritos and fajitas, grilled red meat with caramelized crusts, spice cake or carrot cake
Availability: By-the-glass, 500 ml, growler fill, keg and sometimes in cask

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Irish Red Ale

Inn O'Slàinte

A true representation of a classic Irish style! Deep ruby red colour and tan head leads to a distinct malty/roasty nose. Rich caramel and roasted malt flavours fade to a clean dry finish.

ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 18
Appearance: Deep ruby red colour and tan head
Food Pairings: French onion soup, BBQ meats, Sunday roast, stews, roasted root vegetables, pecan pie
Availability: By-the-glass, 500 ml, growler fill, keg and sometimes in cask

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German-style Pilsener


Our take on a classic Northern German pilsener. Light straw in colour, stone fruit on the nose and intense citrus pomelo on the palate. Soft, crisp, refreshing and delicious.

ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 30
Hops: Cluster (US) and Wiamea (NZ)
Tasting notes: Stone fruit on nose, intense citrus and tangelo/honey pomelo on palate. Dry refreshing piney bitter finish.
Food Pairings: Fresh cheeses (goat, chevre, etc.), fish and chips, shell fish, acidic salads/marinades
Availability: By-the-glass, 500 ml, growler fill, keg and sometimes in cask

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Charcoal Porter

With roots in the working-class streets of 18th century London, the Porter style of beer was meant to be a meal for energetic porters. Our own take on this traditional style has won Gold at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards, and Silver at the 2015 Ontario Brewing Awards. Try it and see why our lovely brown beer is gold (and silver) in a glass.

ABV: 5.1% alc./vol
IBU: 21
Appearance: Midnight black with thick mocha head
Food Pairings: BBQ meats, stews, sausage, oysters, steak pies, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream
Availability: By-the-glass, 500 ml, growler fill, keg and sometimes in cask

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Barrel-aged Imperial Stout

Until Proven Guilty: Red wine barrel-aged

An Imperial Stout or Russian Imperial Stout were very high alcohol beers produced in 18th century England for export to Catherine II's court in Russia. Imperial stouts are usually extremely dark in colour with flavours that are intensely malty, deeply roasted and sometimes with accents of dark fruit (raisin, fig) and chocolate. Our Imperial stout has an extra level of complexity with the use of a small percentage of Scottish peat-smoked malt. To further add to the flavour complexity, Until Proven Guilty was aged for 12 months in red wine barrels (cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and pinot noir) from Niagara's Lailey Vineyard lending deep flavours of leather, smoke, dark chocolate, dark fruits (cherries, raspberries, blackberries), licorice and blackforest cake. Not for the faint of heart, this beer is dark and brooding...meant to be shared and savoured (hopefully fireside!) over the course of an evening.

ABV: 11.5% alc./vol
IBU: 100+
Appearance: Midnight black with thick mocha head
Food Pairings: Oysters, very ripe cheeses, chocolate cake 
Availability: 500 ml, some kegs

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Barrel-aged Blended Ale

Giant's Causeway

Giant's causeway is a natural land feature in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is the remnant of a basalt lava flow about 60 million years ago. According to Irish (and Scottish) legend, the causeway was built by an Irish giant (Finn MacCool) to reach Scotland to fight a Scottish giant (Benandonner). As this beer is a blend of our red wine barrel-aged Scottish ale and our Irish red ale, we though this a fitting name to unite the two styles. Giant's Causeway has notes of plum, dark cherries, oak, brandy, smoke and hazelnut backed with a rich caramel maltiness. Available for a limited time at the brewery.

ABV: 7.7% alc./vol
IBU: 31ish
Appearance: Deep mahogony with a tan head
Food Pairings: Oysters, very ripe cheeses, dark chocolate
Availability: 500 ml, some kegs

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13290INNO-DoubleIPA TwoNighStand 500ml D1jpg Page2
American Imperial IPA

Two Night Stand

The love child of citra and mosaic hops...

Huge juicy aroma and taste of mango, passionfruit, citrus and papaya with a nice underlying Swedish berry spice. Slight pine resin on finish and a nice clean malt backbone. 

ABV: 8.5% alc./vol
IBU: 100+
Appearance: Straw to golden, whitish head and slightly hazy
Food Pairings: I really don't know!
Availability: limited supply of 500 ml bottles, sold out of kegs

2016 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Winner!2016 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Winner!
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Rye Saison

Waterloo 1815

Originally brewed for the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium in 1815, this light-bodied beer is brewed using ingredients from the home of each of the seven armies who defeated him. Let the aromas of orange, red grape and toasted bread, rounded out by pie crust and black peppercorn flavours, refresh your spirit after a hard day of battle.

ABV: 5.7% alc./vol
IBU: 20
Appearance: Burnt orange in colour with an off-white head
Food Pairings: Full flavoured foods such as spicy Thai, Middle Eastern, grilled red meats, charcuterie. Pairs well with desserts such as chocolate cake or fruit pies.
Availability: May - summer seasonal release

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Innocente Swing Top Growler

Own a Grrrrrrowler

This 2 litre Palla (Italian) Flip Top Decorated Growler will have you giving into temptation before you know it! For only $15.00, plus the cost of the beer, you get this beauty of a re-usable bottle filled on the spot with 64 mouth-watering ounces of your favourite Innocente craft beer, fresh from the tap!

These little devils are perfect for gift giving, when friends are coming over, if you’re heading to a party, or just need to treat yourself to a ‘lil something.

Growler beer will last 7 to 10 days (or around 2 to 3 days once opened) and once it’s gone, you can clean your bottle and bring it back to us for a refill of any of our heavenly brew.

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Sold-out Seasonals and One-offs

Glance Label
Rye Pale Ale


Our third iteration of our rye pale ale and definitely the best yet! German rye and Canadian wheat and barley malts combined with US Cluster and Chinook hops to create a lovely piney/stonefruit (apricots and peaches) beer with a hint of rye spiciness. Clean and refreshing, a perfect post yard work beer!

Abv: 5.5%

IBU: 26

Hops: Cluster and Chinook (both from the US)

Tasting notes: Apricots and peaches, grainy rye spiciness and a hint of pine resin on the finish.

Food pairing: Just about anything!

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Patio Session Pale Ale

Werk Avoidance

Power tools + Werk Avoidance= 1.5 thumbs up!

Great full-flavoured session ale for working around the house and keeping your wit about you!

ABV: 3.4%
IBU: 30
Hops: Galaxy, Centennial and Palisade
Tasting notes: Citrus and stone fruits up front and a refreshing grapefruit pith, orange rind finish.
Availability: By-the-glass, 500ml bottle, growler fill and keg.

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Uncle Bock Label

Uncle Bock

Uncle Bock is our first attempt at a bock. We chose to make a Maibock which is a lighter and more hop-forward bock style. Typically brewed to celebrate the arrival of spring, Maibocks were consumed almost exclusively in the month of May...Crisp with a subtle sweetness, this slightly spicy, slightly boozy bock gives off aromas of stone fruit and lemon pepper.

Abv: 6.1%

IBU: 26

Hops: Mt Hood

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Black/Cascadian IPA

Evil Conscience

Black as the ace of spades. 

Nose: Roasty, melon and bubblegum on nose

Taste: Roast, chocolate/coffee and melon, dry bitter finish.

ABV: 6.1%

IBU: 65

Serve at cellar temperature (12-14C)

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